(Gian Carlo Mazzali - 6 dagen geleden)Hello Theo……. Among so many people that you probably offered your support probably you do not remember me…… I am from Costa Rica and did the Camino de Santiago de Compostela just recently (already one month, time flies!!), along with my wife and son. On the stage between Sarria and Porto Marin, early in the morning, under a cold light rain, at the top of a long climb, we met you and your truck and generously you gave us a glass of warm tea which was delicious and renewed our will to keep on walking. Thanks !! Once back to "civilisation" I wanted to write this brief note to let you know our appreciation to you. People like you bring back faith to the world understanding the value of "humanhood" that each person has. Thanks. Hope you are doing well. Rgds, Gian Carlo Mazzali